Sunday, 28 November 2010

Days go by....

I'm in this fantasy that all the snow will melt within a week and then we will have huge floods all over because of how much snow melted. But then I get brought back to reality every time I look out my window.... Anyway I'm reading "The Princess Bride" and I have to say that it's the funniest book I've ever read! Even better than the movie! If you haven't seen the movie do yourself a favor and WATCH IT! If you have seen it great! What makes it even better is that my sister is reading it to me and she makes it 10 times funnier (if that's even possible). The most hilarious part in the whole book (so far) is that Buttercup is soooo stupid! I mean in the movie she's all smart and elegant but in the book she's really stupid. But yes it is a hilarious book and I cannot wait to continue reading it!

Ok who here thinks that Christmas is coming way too fast this year? I can't get over it! And people are like, "I got all my Christmas shopping done"! And I'm like "HA we haven't even started" (which is true). For the first time in years I actually don't know what I want for Christmas. I mean I don't have 100 things on my list this year. The only thing I really want is a nice cross necklace from Dad. Does that mean I'm growing up? Woah!! Scary!!

AND I'm growing out of everything I own! Seriously last month I only had one pair of pants that fit me! So that means my butt grew 10 sizes! Ok maybe not 10 but ya! Actually my doctor told me that growing is bad for my back right now. So does that mean I need to start drinking coffee to stunt my growth? Well let me tell you I was please when I found out I was 4 foot 2! Anyway what's on your Christmas list? Tell me!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Books and Hollywood......

So in school I get to pick a book for a unit study. And because I'm home schooled the possibilities are endless. So I decided to go with a well known classic called "The Princess Bride". I only know it in movie form so it should be interesting finding out how much Hollywood has changed it. That is the only thing that really bugs me about Hollywood. They take a perfectly good book, make it into a movie, have the mother die and put unwanted sex scenes in it! Have you ever noticed that the mother is always dead in Hollywood movies! I think they have something against mothers! Anyway back to how Hollywood changes everything in books. Take "Prince Caspain" for instance. Most people have heard of the Narnia series by C.S Lewis and they have no romance in them. Well in the movie "Prince Caspain" they end up putting a romance between Susan and Caspain! It's unwanted Hollywood! HELLO! And in this new age of movies everyone has sex! Because NO they can't wait till marriage LIKE THEY SHOULD! So face it movies are not good role models! Just because a girl dresses a certain way in the movies doesn't mean you have to dress like her too! Now don't get me wrong I am a huge movie watcher but sometimes Hollywood goes a little overboard! But they have produced some great movies that are worth seeing. Now who here agrees with me that 9 times out of 10 sequels absolutely suck! Now not all of them are like that most of them are. Especially animated movies. In the sequel the end up with different character voices. Now for me that really ruins the movie. And then they have to come up with a 3rd and a 4th and a 5th! Like Shrek. I mean the first one was great, second was good, third was ok but a fourth! Personally I did not like Shrek four just because it was a lot darker than all the rest. So that is an example of taking it to far! So that's enough Hollywood ranting for one night. Disagree? Comment below!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Ambitions and Dreams for the future....

So today I thought I'd share a bit more about myself. Since I was 7 years old I have been taking singing lessons. So I've been taking lessons for approximately 7 years or so! I also have been taking piano lessons for 4 and a half years! My music is very important to me. It's like my one and only comfort. Like when I go to sing or play the piano all my troubles just slide off my shoulders and it feels like I can breath for the first time. Music really moves me and touches me. That is something that I hope to pass on to my children someday. So today I am going to share the story about when and how I decided to play piano.

Most of my life I watched my sister and my brother play piano. I loved to listen to the piano. To be honest I was really jealous of my brother and sister because of their ability to play the piano. I had always dreamed of playing the piano and had asked my mother so many times if I could take lessons. Well because she didn't want me to be disappointed she told me no. But I kept asking and asking and finally when I was 9 and a half she took me to my brothers teacher for my first piano lesson. I think I amazed myself and everyone else when I learned "The Pink Panther" in the first lesson. But I refused to play the simple stuff. My first performance piece was "Swan Lake" for offering in church. I continued to play harder and harder pieces challenging myself everyday. Last June I played "Cannon in D" for my big concert piece. This year I decided I wanted to play "I Believe" from the olympics, my biggest piece. When I first asked my piano teacher for this piece she was kind of concerned because it was 6 pages long with 5 key changes. But I insisted. I have now successfully learned it and will play it at the Christmas concert in December. That story just shows to never give up on your dreams!

So anyway because I love music so much I'd love to record a CD of me singing. I would also like to become (one of few) disabled actresses! I love drama and my friends call me "The Drama Queen"! And if I get time I'd love to be a motivational speaker/ Comedian in high schools! And who knows where that will lead me! Tell me what you think about my job choices in the comment box below. REMEMBER NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!!!

Monday, 22 November 2010

Monday and Movies

Today is Monday as it will say at the top of my post. (Just to let everyone know I fixed the commenting problem so you shouldn't need a google account to comment). Anyway as I said it is Monday which is everyones "bad" day. You know if a persons tired or acting silly they're always going to blame it on Monday. Yes I have my "Monday" days too. But when a person walks into a coffee shop or work and they're looking tired they're always going to blame it on Monday. And tonight is the finally for "Dancing with the Stars" so that's one good thing about Monday. Yes I am a "Dancing with the Stars" fan! I totally love it! Dancing with the Stars is a show where all these movie stars or former sports players or singers get to learn how to dance with professionals and compete with each other. (I just thought each other was one word! Ha it's Monday)! Anyway so tonight and tomorrow night is the finally!

I am a huge movie fan! My top 10 movies list goes something like this:

1. While you were sleeping
2. The Blind side
3. Julie & Julia
4. Extraordinary Measures
5. To Save a Life
6. Letters to Juliet
7. Just Write
8. Dirty Dancing
9. Rigoletto
10. The Inheritance

I just recently watched a movie called "The Man Without a Face". It was such a good movie but it was frustrating! This man got half his face burned in a car accident and people started making rumors about him and really judging him. It really shows how judging a book by it's cover can get pretty bad. Rigoletto is the same kind of a movie. This guy got his face burned to and the whole town started rumors about him. The difference between "The Man Without a Face" and "Rigoletto" is that in the end of Rigoletto the towns people end up killing this man because of the rumors they heard. That's how judging a book by it's cover can get a little out of hand. Terrible isn't it?

Another great movie that I watched recently too is called "To Save a Life". FANTASTIC movie! It's about teens suicide. 100 percent of teens suicide is from depression. 80 percent of it is because that person was judged in high school and is alone. Another reason can be family or just hanging with the wrong crowd. To Save a Life shows that there is some hope for kids who are suicidal. Inviting people you normally wouldn't into your group can change a person greatly. Once they feel cared for and loved they can change their minds. That's what To Save a Life is about. So what are you waiting for? Go online and look these movies up! If you've seen any of these movies tell me what you thought about them in the comment box below. A challenge for you: This week try your hardest to not judge! NO JUDGING A BOOK BY IT'S COVER!!!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

A hard pill to swallow....

Have you ever felt like you have to dress a certain way and act a certain way to fit in with your peers? I've felt like that many times. Engaging yourself in peoples conversations can be really hard and really upsetting. And it's tough to have hardly any friends. Lets face it, the life of a teenager can be difficult and scary. Most girls are very obsessed with how they look. And one little comment from someone else can change a girls life forever. Because every girl likes to be told their beautiful. But once a person tells a girl that their fat or ugly that's it. That one comment makes things pop into a girls head that shouldn't be there, like, "I'm so depressed I'm never going to look like that girl in the magazine" or "This person thinks I'm fat I need to start cutting back on my food". Yes WORDS can change a persons life forever. Because most girls only concentrate on what other people think. So to all those girls out there, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! And remember.....words hurt........

Friday, 19 November 2010

Snow, Facebook and other stuff......

Yes it has been snowing all day everyday for 3 days! CRAZY!!! I know that the ski hill and all the skiers out there will be happy but for all of those "working people" who have to shovel 2 feet of snow......I'm not so sure! I'm still trying to figure out if I'm really happy that we got snow. Happy: I get to go sit skiing! Not happy: I'm cooped up in the house like a dog who's owner never walks her! So Facebook is my only comfort.....And even that sometimes isn't very satisfying! Sure you go on facebook, check your notifications (which aren't very many if you go on every 10 seconds!) play farmville, (which I don't play by the way) comment on a few things and "Like" 10 million things and then you're done! So in reality facebook isn't very satisfying.....but we use it anyway, maybe just to be cool or just so you can tell your friends you have it so you don't look like a total loser.......but yes we use it! Someone asked me, "Would you go on facebook only once a day to change your habits"? And I was like, "HA! Heck no"! So what does that say about me? Am I a facebookahaulic? Maybe.....I certainly don't go on more than 10 times a day for 2 hours like some people but I do go on! Something you should try: Go into your facebook friends, look them all over and say to yourself, "Do I talk to these people on a regular basis"? Most of the time that answer will be no! So go through them and get rid of the people that you never talk to. Maybe your friends list will go from 357 to 209.....I did that and it just looks better when it says "209 friends" rather than "357 friends"! Yes it makes you look more popular when you have more friends but I'd rather have 209 close good friends rather than 357 friends that you never talk to! But that's just my opinion.......

Thursday, 18 November 2010


So today I thought I'd show you what I look like. That is me and what fall looks like where I live! And that also shows my disability. Again here is a link if you'd like to find out more about my disability.

So the main reason why I started this blog is because I wanted you to understand how a disabled persons life is, but also to answer questions and prayer requests. So if you have any prayer requests or questions DON'T BE SHY AND COMMENT BELOW! So I have a prayer request for whoever might be reading this.

I have Scoliosis in my spine. Just recently I got the news that I needed surgery in the Spring. And I'm not scared but I just need the strength to get through this. So if anyone is reading this please pray that I get the strength that I need to get through this! So there I shared a prayer request, NOW IT'S YOUR TURN!!!!! COMMENT BELOW!!!!!

Snow and Sit Skiing

Today we got about 2 feet of snow! Now normally I don't like snow because I can't go outside but this year I get to go sit skiing! This year is really exciting because I am raising money for a sit ski for our ski hill! Things are going well so far! I haven't sit skied in about 4 years so I am really excited to go!

Now what I don't like about snow is that I can't get outside. I'm a big nature girl so when it's warm I like to go for walks, but in the winter I get out maybe once or twice a month! The other thing I don't like is how cold it is! -10 weather is not my cup of tea! So I spend my time doing crafts and other stuff. For instants I made these clay leaves which should be in the right corner of the screen. They are a beautiful craft and really easy to make! If you'd like to know how to make them comment in the box below! So anyway there is a little snippet of my life!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Pet peeves!

Today I will post some of the things that really bug me! Please note I might be painfully honest!
Pet Peeve number 1 Staring: Parents PLEASE do not let your children stare at disabled people! It's not nice and it doesn't make that person feel very great! Real situation: I was riding down the street in my wheelchair when a little boy passed me. He turned right around on his bike and stared with his mouth open! Well the funny part is that he ran into a tree but it's still not very nice to do that!
Pet Peeve number 2: Most people treat disabled people as if they were deaf! They come right up in your face and talk really loud! DON'T DO THAT!!!! Talk to a disabled person as if you were talking to a normal person!
Pet Peeve number 3 Babying: DO NOT BABY A DISABLED PERSON!!!! It just makes that person feel like CRAP!! Real situation: I was in Zellers one day with my best friend (who is also disabled). We were just wondering around the store killing time when a lady (who worked at Zellers) came up to us and says, "Aww that's soooo cute! Your following each other"! NOT COOL!!! Again it makes us feel like crap!
To all teens out there: If you have a disabled person in your high school make the effort to go and befriend them. You might find out that the person is pretty awesome!!! Or else they feel like an alien!!!
All right that's enough ranting for one night but please make an effort to NOT do all the pet peeves I have mentioned! Please note if you have any questions about a disabled persons life or whatever feel free to comment below!

Introduction to my blog

Dear whoever is reading this:

Being disabled doesn't always mean mentally disabled! That is something people do not take seriously. So when you first see a disabled person don't think mentally disabled because that is not always the case. So many people judge a book by it's cover which is not acceptable! In my blog you will get to read about how a disabled individuals life really is. And your getting it from a real expert!

My name is Grace and I have a condition called Arthrogryposis. Here is a link to help you understand what Arthrogryposis is:

I am not extremely physically disabled! I can move just enough to claim my independence! So anyway this is a blog about how one disabled person really feels about other people, surviving daily life and well, just about ME!