Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Ambitions and Dreams for the future....

So today I thought I'd share a bit more about myself. Since I was 7 years old I have been taking singing lessons. So I've been taking lessons for approximately 7 years or so! I also have been taking piano lessons for 4 and a half years! My music is very important to me. It's like my one and only comfort. Like when I go to sing or play the piano all my troubles just slide off my shoulders and it feels like I can breath for the first time. Music really moves me and touches me. That is something that I hope to pass on to my children someday. So today I am going to share the story about when and how I decided to play piano.

Most of my life I watched my sister and my brother play piano. I loved to listen to the piano. To be honest I was really jealous of my brother and sister because of their ability to play the piano. I had always dreamed of playing the piano and had asked my mother so many times if I could take lessons. Well because she didn't want me to be disappointed she told me no. But I kept asking and asking and finally when I was 9 and a half she took me to my brothers teacher for my first piano lesson. I think I amazed myself and everyone else when I learned "The Pink Panther" in the first lesson. But I refused to play the simple stuff. My first performance piece was "Swan Lake" for offering in church. I continued to play harder and harder pieces challenging myself everyday. Last June I played "Cannon in D" for my big concert piece. This year I decided I wanted to play "I Believe" from the olympics, my biggest piece. When I first asked my piano teacher for this piece she was kind of concerned because it was 6 pages long with 5 key changes. But I insisted. I have now successfully learned it and will play it at the Christmas concert in December. That story just shows to never give up on your dreams!

So anyway because I love music so much I'd love to record a CD of me singing. I would also like to become (one of few) disabled actresses! I love drama and my friends call me "The Drama Queen"! And if I get time I'd love to be a motivational speaker/ Comedian in high schools! And who knows where that will lead me! Tell me what you think about my job choices in the comment box below. REMEMBER NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!!!


  1. Never Give Up Grace, I was at the point in my life a year ago where I wanted to give up on life but i continued to keep going and everyone tells me im doing amazing im walking without crutches, use my manual chair minamilly and power chair for long distance since i tire easy but the fact is i made it to a point in my life where i went to talk to a psych class and tell them my story and why i chose to live

  2. I have to tell you Grace that I enjoy reading your blogs so much. I agree with the comment above that you should never give up on your dreams. You are so talented and I believe you can do anything if it is your dream and desire to do so. I hope someone can record your Christmas concert for us to see. I'm sure you will be awesome!

  3. What a great story of determination, Grace! And now I must confess that I am the piano teacher who felt it might be just a bit too much to tackle the song "I Believe" because of the level of complexity.
    Do you know what I love most about you, Grace? How you prove me wrong! You blew me out of the water with how quickly and how well you learned that piece.
    In theory, I am the teacher and Grace is the student. In reality, Grace teaches me way, way more than I could ever teach her. She is an amazing pianist! I'll leave it up to Grace to decide if she wants to post concert details and invite people who live nearby to watch her play at the Chrismtas concert.
    I love that you followed a dream and pursued music which you love so much. You inspire people to love music and to follow their dreams!
    I love being a part of your life, Grace!
    Sylvia Elias