Sunday, 28 November 2010

Days go by....

I'm in this fantasy that all the snow will melt within a week and then we will have huge floods all over because of how much snow melted. But then I get brought back to reality every time I look out my window.... Anyway I'm reading "The Princess Bride" and I have to say that it's the funniest book I've ever read! Even better than the movie! If you haven't seen the movie do yourself a favor and WATCH IT! If you have seen it great! What makes it even better is that my sister is reading it to me and she makes it 10 times funnier (if that's even possible). The most hilarious part in the whole book (so far) is that Buttercup is soooo stupid! I mean in the movie she's all smart and elegant but in the book she's really stupid. But yes it is a hilarious book and I cannot wait to continue reading it!

Ok who here thinks that Christmas is coming way too fast this year? I can't get over it! And people are like, "I got all my Christmas shopping done"! And I'm like "HA we haven't even started" (which is true). For the first time in years I actually don't know what I want for Christmas. I mean I don't have 100 things on my list this year. The only thing I really want is a nice cross necklace from Dad. Does that mean I'm growing up? Woah!! Scary!!

AND I'm growing out of everything I own! Seriously last month I only had one pair of pants that fit me! So that means my butt grew 10 sizes! Ok maybe not 10 but ya! Actually my doctor told me that growing is bad for my back right now. So does that mean I need to start drinking coffee to stunt my growth? Well let me tell you I was please when I found out I was 4 foot 2! Anyway what's on your Christmas list? Tell me!


  1. This year theres no money for presents but thats doesnt bother me because the one thing in the world that I want and pray for every day is to adopt my foster sister. Just get the news that we're allowed to adopt or keep her until she ages out.


  2. Hi Grace,
    Now you've got me really curious to read and/or see The Princess Bride (something I always wanted to be, but alas, I'm not princess material, and, apparently, not bride material, in my advancing age!)
    I like your comment about your Christmas list getting smaller. Yes, part of it is growing up. You get a bit smarter, and start to realize that toys don't give you the same crazy happiness as they used to. It's okay to grow up and want less; or maybe, you're just wanting different things. That's good!

    You're pretty funny, Grace. Like your butt grew 10 sizes. If it did (which it did not), welcome to the club of people whose clothes don't fit. Isn't it fun? At least for you, it's growth, not girth!! Ha, I'm funny too!
    I guess you could try drinking coffee to stunt your growth; you frequent many of the coffee houses in town, this I know. One thing I can tell you, as a 4-5 cups per day coffee-a-holic, it DEFINITELY does NOT stunt the growth of your butt!
    Love ya, Grace