Saturday, 20 November 2010

A hard pill to swallow....

Have you ever felt like you have to dress a certain way and act a certain way to fit in with your peers? I've felt like that many times. Engaging yourself in peoples conversations can be really hard and really upsetting. And it's tough to have hardly any friends. Lets face it, the life of a teenager can be difficult and scary. Most girls are very obsessed with how they look. And one little comment from someone else can change a girls life forever. Because every girl likes to be told their beautiful. But once a person tells a girl that their fat or ugly that's it. That one comment makes things pop into a girls head that shouldn't be there, like, "I'm so depressed I'm never going to look like that girl in the magazine" or "This person thinks I'm fat I need to start cutting back on my food". Yes WORDS can change a persons life forever. Because most girls only concentrate on what other people think. So to all those girls out there, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE! And remember.....words hurt........


  1. I've always felt like I had to dress a certain way and act a certain way to "fit in." Growing up I've realized that that's a waste of my time, but it wasn't easy to get there, and I still have moments where I wish I "fit in" just by wearing the right thing, or saying something. I've always struggled with having few friends. I don't remember the last time I went out dancing. "Engaging yourself in peoples conversations can be really hard and really upsetting" - this happened to me last weekend...I was with a few "friends" and one of them turned to me and tried to involve me in the discussion. I felt like I was coming from a completely different world, and had nothing to contribute to the conversation. It was "really hard and really upsetting." He didn't understand that I'm just a quiet observer because I live in a different world.

  2. Hi Grace!!!

    Wow! It's really nice to read your blog...

    Sometime, i'm teaching English in a school, here in Québec, and i can tell you that if i got this contract again in 2011, i will ask my students to read it too!!!!!!

    Keep writting, you do a good job!!!!

    Marie-Claude Brulotte

  3. Dear Grace,

    That's so nice to find your wonderful blog! It seems like a mirror to me as I myself have AMC. I know how it feels like when people make you feel like you're never going to fit in...And yes-words can hurt so much. The best we can try to do is to accept ourselves the way we are. And we're beautiful our ways. Do you know what a crazy thought has crossed my mind recently? I should never get upset because of people who are spiritually blind and cannot see anything more than my disability. I should not be angry with them either. I should better cherish people who see my heart and mind. :)
    Keep writing and making your videos! Believe me you're changing this world for better!!!

    Lots of love from Ukraine!

  4. Grace, this is a great blog! I love your courage and transparency. I have a sister in a wheelchair too and each day I try to remember what it might be like for her just to get out of bed and to go to work and to go grocery shopping compared to what it is like for me. What impresses me most is her attitude. You have the same determination that she does and the same confidence that true beauty is found in the heart.
    Dolores Watkins
    Steven's mom