Monday, 22 November 2010

Monday and Movies

Today is Monday as it will say at the top of my post. (Just to let everyone know I fixed the commenting problem so you shouldn't need a google account to comment). Anyway as I said it is Monday which is everyones "bad" day. You know if a persons tired or acting silly they're always going to blame it on Monday. Yes I have my "Monday" days too. But when a person walks into a coffee shop or work and they're looking tired they're always going to blame it on Monday. And tonight is the finally for "Dancing with the Stars" so that's one good thing about Monday. Yes I am a "Dancing with the Stars" fan! I totally love it! Dancing with the Stars is a show where all these movie stars or former sports players or singers get to learn how to dance with professionals and compete with each other. (I just thought each other was one word! Ha it's Monday)! Anyway so tonight and tomorrow night is the finally!

I am a huge movie fan! My top 10 movies list goes something like this:

1. While you were sleeping
2. The Blind side
3. Julie & Julia
4. Extraordinary Measures
5. To Save a Life
6. Letters to Juliet
7. Just Write
8. Dirty Dancing
9. Rigoletto
10. The Inheritance

I just recently watched a movie called "The Man Without a Face". It was such a good movie but it was frustrating! This man got half his face burned in a car accident and people started making rumors about him and really judging him. It really shows how judging a book by it's cover can get pretty bad. Rigoletto is the same kind of a movie. This guy got his face burned to and the whole town started rumors about him. The difference between "The Man Without a Face" and "Rigoletto" is that in the end of Rigoletto the towns people end up killing this man because of the rumors they heard. That's how judging a book by it's cover can get a little out of hand. Terrible isn't it?

Another great movie that I watched recently too is called "To Save a Life". FANTASTIC movie! It's about teens suicide. 100 percent of teens suicide is from depression. 80 percent of it is because that person was judged in high school and is alone. Another reason can be family or just hanging with the wrong crowd. To Save a Life shows that there is some hope for kids who are suicidal. Inviting people you normally wouldn't into your group can change a person greatly. Once they feel cared for and loved they can change their minds. That's what To Save a Life is about. So what are you waiting for? Go online and look these movies up! If you've seen any of these movies tell me what you thought about them in the comment box below. A challenge for you: This week try your hardest to not judge! NO JUDGING A BOOK BY IT'S COVER!!!

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