Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Pet peeves!

Today I will post some of the things that really bug me! Please note I might be painfully honest!
Pet Peeve number 1 Staring: Parents PLEASE do not let your children stare at disabled people! It's not nice and it doesn't make that person feel very great! Real situation: I was riding down the street in my wheelchair when a little boy passed me. He turned right around on his bike and stared with his mouth open! Well the funny part is that he ran into a tree but it's still not very nice to do that!
Pet Peeve number 2: Most people treat disabled people as if they were deaf! They come right up in your face and talk really loud! DON'T DO THAT!!!! Talk to a disabled person as if you were talking to a normal person!
Pet Peeve number 3 Babying: DO NOT BABY A DISABLED PERSON!!!! It just makes that person feel like CRAP!! Real situation: I was in Zellers one day with my best friend (who is also disabled). We were just wondering around the store killing time when a lady (who worked at Zellers) came up to us and says, "Aww that's soooo cute! Your following each other"! NOT COOL!!! Again it makes us feel like crap!
To all teens out there: If you have a disabled person in your high school make the effort to go and befriend them. You might find out that the person is pretty awesome!!! Or else they feel like an alien!!!
All right that's enough ranting for one night but please make an effort to NOT do all the pet peeves I have mentioned! Please note if you have any questions about a disabled persons life or whatever feel free to comment below!


  1. Id rather have a kid stare than have a kids parent yell at them for staring but most of all id rather the kids ask questions then stare! sometimes i look at a kid in a stroller who's looking at me and i say "my wheels are bigger than yours"

  2. I know it must be hard for you, when kids stare, but they are only curios and probably never seen anyone like you before. So maybe not get so angry and smile. I have had to tell my children not to stare, it is a learning in progress and they do become very compassionate and have understanding by looking and watching, maybe they are amazed at how you get around.

  3. I don't think too much of kids staring for the same reason that Anon 8:43pm mentioned. I find that if kids are told not to stare, they'll be conditioned so much into that mindset that they will learn to avoid acknowledging disabled people in the future. It makes us seem even more "invisible" in society than we already are.

    Babying is such a major pet peeve of mine too, and I'm a 25-year-old guy. I don't know if it ever goes away.