Thursday, 18 November 2010

Snow and Sit Skiing

Today we got about 2 feet of snow! Now normally I don't like snow because I can't go outside but this year I get to go sit skiing! This year is really exciting because I am raising money for a sit ski for our ski hill! Things are going well so far! I haven't sit skied in about 4 years so I am really excited to go!

Now what I don't like about snow is that I can't get outside. I'm a big nature girl so when it's warm I like to go for walks, but in the winter I get out maybe once or twice a month! The other thing I don't like is how cold it is! -10 weather is not my cup of tea! So I spend my time doing crafts and other stuff. For instants I made these clay leaves which should be in the right corner of the screen. They are a beautiful craft and really easy to make! If you'd like to know how to make them comment in the box below! So anyway there is a little snippet of my life!


  1. HI again Grace!
    I love the clay leaves! They're really cool. Yes, that's a good thing to do on a snow day. I think I'm one of maybe 12 people living in Fernie who aren't here for the skiing, so I too have to find stuff to do when we're snow-bound. I like to bake...not much good at crafts! But those leaves are awesome!

  2. Hi Grace! Congratulations on your new blog!! The picture of the sit-ski was interesting. Is the ski supposed to be purchased for use at the Fernie Ski hill for access to anyone who needs it ?? If so, maybe you should give us some more information on your blog on how/where some can help or donate to the fundraising effort. Anyway, please keep us updated!