Friday, 19 November 2010

Snow, Facebook and other stuff......

Yes it has been snowing all day everyday for 3 days! CRAZY!!! I know that the ski hill and all the skiers out there will be happy but for all of those "working people" who have to shovel 2 feet of snow......I'm not so sure! I'm still trying to figure out if I'm really happy that we got snow. Happy: I get to go sit skiing! Not happy: I'm cooped up in the house like a dog who's owner never walks her! So Facebook is my only comfort.....And even that sometimes isn't very satisfying! Sure you go on facebook, check your notifications (which aren't very many if you go on every 10 seconds!) play farmville, (which I don't play by the way) comment on a few things and "Like" 10 million things and then you're done! So in reality facebook isn't very satisfying.....but we use it anyway, maybe just to be cool or just so you can tell your friends you have it so you don't look like a total loser.......but yes we use it! Someone asked me, "Would you go on facebook only once a day to change your habits"? And I was like, "HA! Heck no"! So what does that say about me? Am I a facebookahaulic? Maybe.....I certainly don't go on more than 10 times a day for 2 hours like some people but I do go on! Something you should try: Go into your facebook friends, look them all over and say to yourself, "Do I talk to these people on a regular basis"? Most of the time that answer will be no! So go through them and get rid of the people that you never talk to. Maybe your friends list will go from 357 to 209.....I did that and it just looks better when it says "209 friends" rather than "357 friends"! Yes it makes you look more popular when you have more friends but I'd rather have 209 close good friends rather than 357 friends that you never talk to! But that's just my opinion.......

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  1. Greetings to Grace!
    You hit on something really important about Facebook... we feel like we have all these friends and we feel like we're connected, but are we? How many of the Facebook friends we have are truly our friends?
    I am not on Facebook, so therefore, I guess I'm not Grace's 'friend.' But Grace is my friend, and I'd rather spend time with her in person than on Facebook. Any day.
    Facebook has its place, but it doesn't take the place of chatting on the phone or meeting up for coffee...with an actual real person, and face to face!
    See you around the neighborhood, Grace!