Tuesday, 14 December 2010

I guess the only thing I can say is....THANK YOU!!

Hey everyone! On Saturday I went to Overwaitea to sell raffle tickets thinking maybe I'll get 200 dollars but nothing more than that....I RAISED 305 DOLLARS!!!! I threw 200 dollars out of the park!! I stayed for 3 hours, sold all my tickets and got 4 volunteers for sit ski instructors. That 300 dollars will cover the costs for all the accessories I need for the sit ski! Oh ya I found a website that will give you a better picture of the sit ski. http://www.superlite.org/biski.html

So anyway while I was down there I met the owner of the ski hill! Plus I'm getting a website made with a paypal thing on it for donations! And I got lots of extra information!

I am meeting with this guy named Bruce on Wednesday to see if he'll become an instructor so hopefully he can. He has trained other people to be sit ski instructors so maybe he will train the other volunteers too! Really excited! Everything is taking place!



  1. Hi Grace,
    YIPEE! Just goes to show what you can do. I know you work hard for things, and it paid off this time, in terms of great contacts as well as selling lotsa raffle tickets. Both are equally valuable.
    Way to go, girl! Sit-ski in 2011!
    Your friend,
    Sylvia Elias

  2. Ya Grace that is Awsome i wished it snowed were i am from so i could go skiing. Well keep us informed on your skii trip.
    God Bless.