Friday, 3 December 2010


Hello all! Sorry I haven't written in ages but it's been very busy around here. Today I went up to Kimberly to check out the ski hills sit ski program! I'm really excited to be able to go skiing there or at least until I get one of my own! Just to let everyone know I have put up some collection jars around Fernie like in "Big Bang Bagels", "Home Hardware (Well not yet but I will), "Mountainside Community Church" and eventually some of the ski shops around town. And I will be having a raffle at Overwaitea on December the 11th! So be sure to come in!

I was very pleased to find that the Sit Ski I'm looking for costs less then I expected! The actual cost (everything included) is 3310.00$! And I applied for a grant of 2000.00 so if I can get that I will be one happy girl! So please pray that my grant application will be approved! The other thing that is kind of a bummer is I need two ski instructors who are trained! So they'd have to go to Kimberly and be trained. This brings up problems but I'll get through it! Anyway that's all I have time for tonight! Good night!


  1. Hi Grace,
    Awesome progress on the sit-ski plan! Hey, I haven't even learned to downhill ski yet, and I've been living here for 15 years. Way to go girl; I fully expect we'll see some awesome video of you ripping down that hill.
    You go, girl. See you around the neighborhood!
    Sylvia Elias

  2. Grace,
    CONGRATULATIONS!! On a great weekend selling tickets. Way to go for it! Vee.