Friday, 16 December 2011


Merry Christmas! Happy new year!

I am on Christmas break and loved it for a day……. and then boredom kicked in… Christmas break is not exactly fun for me since I cannot leave this house! Cabin fever shall start soon…

Anyway, I wanted to give you some updates on my sit ski society. After much thought I have decided on a name for my society which (in my mind) tops all society names… FIRE: Fernie Inspire the Race to Empower! I am desperately looking for volunteers still so if you’d like to help out please email me at:
Also be sure to check out my website ( for more news! I shall be skiing in January when I go to Panorama for my best friends birthday!
I’ve been at it again! Cooking lots of delicious things and (much to my surprise) I have not had any disasters yet….. YET! I’m taking a foods course this year in which I must take food safe, bake cakes, bread and cookies and make something out of the “Mastering the Art of French Cooking “ cookbook! Lets hope I don’t burn the house down in the process…
I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year if we’re not dead…  

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Teens, drugs, smoking and drinking!

Do not be drunk with wine, because that will ruin your life, instead be filled with the Holy Spirit” Ephesians 5:18

I am not surprised at the information I read in articles and websites about smoking, drinking and drugs amongst teens.  Even though the government says they are educating teenagers on the dangers of these things, society is still influencing teens through advertising, movies and music teaching them that it is cool to engage in such activities. Unfortunately these activities are typical among teens today. I believe this is caused by poor relationships between teenagers and their families and friends.

I feel that society is making a difference in some areas such as preventative commercials, introducing the “care card” as identification and bringing more awareness to schools. The fines for the people responsible for selling alcohol and cigarettes to teens have greatly increased over the years, making them more careful about whom they sell to. In Mark 9:42 it states “If anyone causes one of these children who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone tied around his neck”. This shows that those responsible for leading teens into temptation are in danger themselves.

I would suggest that teenagers develop better relationships with their families, choose their friends wisely and make sure they have a Youth Pastor to go to in times of need. Teens need to be aware of the consequences of their actions, instead of focusing on the social acceptance they think they will gain. Teens also need to learn how to say no and not be ashamed of that. Teens should know that they don’t need to drink, smoke or take drugs to fit in. In my belief, these activities may lead to future sin. I also believe that if teens had a closer relationship with God, there would be less of these activities pursued by young people today. In Romans 6:23 it clearly states For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” 

Monday, 7 November 2011

God's hand on our lives!

On Friday God did something amazing for us, which really showed that He had His hand on our lives. My youth group and I were heading over to Vulcan for a youth convention on Friday. My mom, two friends of mine and I were in our van and my youth group were in a bus. We drove to Coleman and then stopped at the “Husky” to get some gas. The man that came over to help us asked where we were going and we told him. We told him we were going to take highway 22 to Vulcan. Right away he told us not to take highway 22 and to take highway 2 instead. He said highway 22’s roads conditions were really bad and dangerous. So we took his advice and took highway 2. When we got back from the convention my dad told us that there were 65 accidents that happened on the way to Vulcan. We thanked God immediately knowing that one of those accidents could have been us. You never realize how much God has His hand on our lives until you experience something like that. 

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Pull yourself out of the dumps!

I had a rather unpleasant half of a day this week. I was feeling “down in the dumps” I was upset about something and because of it I almost had an awful full day.  It’s at those times when you want to curl up into a little ball and be grumpy all day, not only ruining your day but others as well. And I could have let the devil win. But I didn’t! It’s at those times when you need to tell the devil to take a hike! Because is staying in the dumps going to get you anywhere? No! When you’re like that you’re hiding your light! In the Bible it says, “Don’t hide your light under a basket! Instead put it on a stand and let it shine for all “. So many times we hide our light and let our emotions get the best of us. God wants us to be a light for others! So we must pull ourselves out of the dumps and into the sky! That’s what we’re supposed to do. The first step is to smile! Go on smile! I guarantee it will help! So my challenge for you, dear reader is to be a light to some one else and pull yourself out of the dumps! Smile! The lyrics to one of my favorite songs pretty much says it all! “Today's a new day, and there is no sunshine. Nothing but clouds, and it's dark in my heart and it feels like a cold night. Today's a new day, where are my blue skies, where is the love and the joy that you promised me you tell me it's alright. I'll be honest with you, I almost gave up, but a power that I can't explain, fell from heaven like a shower now. When I think how much better I'm gonna be when this is over, I smile, even though I'm hurt see I smile, I know God is working so I smile, Even though I've been here for a while I smile, smile.. It's so hard to look up when you look down. Sure would hate to see it when you give up now. You look so much better when you smile, so smile”.

Sunday, 16 October 2011


Please pray for this little girl! 

Avery is a gorgeous 4 year old girl who has AMC (my condition) and was just diagnosed with Alvelar rhabdomyosarcoma stage 4, she has an inoperable tumor in her stomach and it has already spread to her lungs. Prognosis 20% survival rate. She will be undergoing a year of very aggressive chemotherapy. Please pray for Miss Avery and her family!

Monday, 3 October 2011


It is times like these where I need to give myself some advice…. GRACE SLOW DOWN AND TAKE A CHILL PILL! I am feeling extremely run down, which is partly my fault for staying up late three nights in a row! Stupid, stupid, stupid! So instead of doing school (the advantage of home school) I am going to take a “chill day”. I believe that everyone should take a “chill day” at least once a month if not more! A time where you can stay in your pj’s and snuggle up with your favorite book! I might not be in my pj’s but I am certainly snuggling up with a book (not quite sure if it’s my favorite yet). Maybe snuggle up with some knitting as well! Have you ever felt like knitting has a season? I feel as though I never knit in the spring or summer but always knit in the fall and winter! I suppose it’s because it’s so cold outside and you can’t do anything else so you knit! I am a multi-tasker and like to knit while watching tv! I will never be like my sister though who can watch tv without looking down at her knitting! I have to look at my knitting constantly so technically I’m not watching tv I’m listening! But yes I shall be knitting today, I shall be reading and whether I like it or not, winter is coming! From a very tired Grace, so long!  

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I'm baaaack!

Hello people! I’m baaaack! I know its been a long time but I’m going to try! Here we go! New school year, new challenges, new teacher! Its been busy, busy, busy! I had an amazing summer! We (meaning my mother, brother and sister) went traveling to the US for two weeks! We went to Yellowstone Park and Colorado Springs! It was great to get away! We were baking though! It got to 40 degrees!
I had an amazing time at camp Winfield like always as well! I made a lot of new friends and became a better friend to some old ones! I always love the atmosphere at camp!
I also started a new photography “business” I got a fancy new camera from the school so I’ve been out lots! If you want to check it out here is my website:
This semester in school I have Science, English and Christian Studies. But I don’t have a teacher at the moment so I’m doing everything myself! It has been tough (especially on my back) but I’m getting through it!

Anyway just a short post today and I will try to write as much as I can!  

Friday, 17 June 2011


Hey guys. I won't be able to write on here very much any more. I'm having problems typing due to my back. I'll try when I can but it won't be often. Sorry! Please keep me in your prayers! <3 Thank you!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

MY AWESOME BLOG HAS 2000 VIEWS!!! You guys must like me or something....

LOOK AT MY TITLE! ISN'T IT AWESOME?! Woah ok I need to calm down....
I'd just like to thank all the people who looked at my blog and for making my blog have more than 2000 views! Oh thank you....sniff's such an horror......honor, I meant honor! I'm Miss Blog 2011.....Wait! Unless it's just one person looking at my blog 2000 times.....If that is the case.....that's weird!.....Anyways, thank you for reading my blog you guys!

Monday, 2 May 2011


Hey look! Two in a row! I'm on a roll this week! I wanted to share the "Spine Tingler" I wrote as an English short story. I thought I wasn't good at writing mysteries and was dreading it for weeks! But as soon as I got writing I couldn't stop! I hope your spine tingles!!!!! Bwuahahahaha!!!!!!

The Forest
By Grace Brulotte

It was a dark forest. It had a feeling hanging over it, a feeling that could not be explained. There were dark trees all around. The moon cast strange shadows on the ground. The air was thick, so thick it was almost un-breathable. The tree’s seemed to be alive. The wind clutched at the branches, sometimes ripping them off. No one knows what mysteries this forest held, nor was anyone willing to find out. No one was willing to find out, until now.

I stood at the gate that held that forest, wondering. Why weren’t people keen on talking about it? What happened there that was so infamous? Could there have been a murder? These were questions I asked myself many, many times. No one had the answers I was looking for.

I was in training to be a reporter for our daily newspaper. Naturally I had the urge to “poke my nose into other peoples business” but with little result. Whenever I asked about the forest I received replies like,
“Aren’t you a little young to be a reporter Miss Taylor”? Or,
“Why do you want to know about that? You’re a young lady! Young ladies should not be thinking or investigating about things like murder”! But if I didn’t find out what happened who would? Nobody, that’s who. I decided that I’d find out even if I had to interview everyone in town! What if there WAS a murder and the murderer is still out there somewhere! No, my mind was made up! So with notebook and pencil in hand I set out to find the truth. I was determined.

I started my investigation at the police office to see what I could dig up. But they wouldn’t tell me anything and said I should stick to knitting! I didn’t have much luck with the other places I stopped at either. The last place I stopped at was a little grocery store on the other side of town. I knew the owner there and thought that there was no harm in trying. The storeowners name was Burt, he was an old friend of my grandfathers. After making small talk for a while I decided to get right to the point.
“Burt, I came here to talk to you about the old forest on First Avenue. Do you know anything about it”?
“No! If it was up to me I’d burn the wretched place”! And with that he stormed away. His reaction made me wonder. I quickly ran back to the newspaper office and took out some papers from before I was born. But with no luck there I went home and pleaded with my father to tell me what happened.
“I’m sorry dear I can’t tell you”.
“Father I have been hearing that enough lately! I think I’m on too something! You can’t hide it from me any longer! You should have seen Burt’s reaction! Just tell me”! My father let out a great sigh and then told me to go up stairs and look in my grandmother’s bible. I was so excited I could hardly contain it as I ran up the stairs to grandma’s old room. I quickly rummaged through her things and finally found her bible. As I was pulling it out a newspaper clipping fell out. I picked it up and unfolded it. It read,


At 12:00 PM Paul Taylor was found hanging from a tree in the forest near First Avenue. Burt Smith has been found guilty and will be imprisoned for 10 years. The only explanation Smith gave for the murder was, “Revenge is sweet”. Paul was twenty-five years old.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like SRING!

Hey everyone guess what? IT'S SPRING! We went for our very first bike ride of the season today! Oh and I finally got rid of the TV in my bedroom today! It's one of those things were you wake up in the morning and say "I'm going to do it" and then you never do...BUT I DID IT! It's kind of like my blog too, I wake up in the morning determined and then I don't do it! But I did this too!

I finally got to reading my favorite book, "Little Woman" again too! I go through one of these phases about once a month were I'll get the sudden urge to read, plow through a book and then not read again for ages...A bad habit!

I was very sad to put away my sit ski this week. Someone said I should travel to Alaska where I can ski to my hearts content. A week ago I could have skied in my back yard...Oh well, as the French say, c'est la vie! Such is life! The snow will always melt in the spring and will always come back in the winter. If there is one thing we can be sure of it's that the snow will always come back in the winter...I think I'd like to move to Australia were the seasons are totally different from us! At least I have something to look forward to next year though! Winter won't be a black hole that I get sucked into every year!

After months and months of waiting I finally got to see "The Kings Speech" and let me tell you, "My Girl" has been bumped out of first place on my movie list and has been replaced by "The Kings Speech"! An amazing movie which definitely deserved the oscar! I'm just glad it beat "The Social Network". No offense to Facebook intended!

Any who I wanted to bring back some old memories and re-post my new years resolutions which I have not completed since I think number one is impossible! Here are my new years resolutions:

1. Some day I will marry Ben Barnes or Stewart Finlay-Mclennan.

  • Steal the time machine from “Back to the Future” and marry Stewart Finlay-Mclennan when he was young.

  • Some day make a flying wheelchair so I can fly around and get to places much faster.

  • Invent a wheelchair that has ski’s on the bottom instead of wheels SO I CAN GO OUT IN THE WINTER AND NOT BE A CAVEMAN!!

  • Become a disabled soccer player and whip the butt off regular soccer players.

  • Become an opera singer so I can break glass just by singing a high note!

  • Build a wheelchair accessible tree house so I can hide!

  • Change my name to ook……

  • Learn how to speak Cockney so I can go to London, get Professor Higgins (“My Fair Lady”) to teach me how to be a lady and then go to a ball and dance with a Prince.

  • Become an animated character and play Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” so I can break the spell and kiss the hot Prince!

  • Become an astronaut…

  • Defy gravity!

  • Become a hog (for all you camp winfielders)!

  • Get “Who’s line is it anyway” back on TV and become the host!

  • Make Justin Bieber mysteriously fall off a cliff…

  • Stop super models from getting so thin!

  • Become a caveman or a cavewoman!

  • Become a flying purple people eater…

  • Destroy forwards…

  • Make camp Winfield all year long!

  • Become a fairy god mother and make Miley Cyruses voice disappear…

  • Make a candy called the zinga zinga bar that makes you go zook!

  • Make ninga an actual word for my sister!

  • Make a store that is called Grace is Awesome that has silly crap in it!

  • Make Invermere and Kelowna 5 minutes away from here so I can visit Sam and Kate everyday.

  • Live with the Brady Bunch.  

  • Make the “Easy Button” a national button!

  • Create a purple rose and name it “The Sam, Kate and Grace rose”.

  • Make “Hog day” a national holiday.

  • Change “Duct Tape” to “Duck Tape”.  

  • I'd like to thank all my viewers for reading my ranting.........     


    Sunday, 3 April 2011

    Planning for the future!

    Hello people! I’m back after a very long absence! Sorry! I just got my sit ski and have been trying to work out some details with the program! This looks like it’s going to be harder than I thought it would be and looks like it will be a summer job for me! I have to start a non-profit organization in order to get CADS up here to train volunteers, which requires a whole bunch of legal stuff that I must do! I am not looking forward to that! Any who, right now I am looking for volunteers to become sit ski instructors so if anyone’s interested let me know! I also need to come up with an awesome name for my non-profit thingy. I’ve come up with two names! The FARDS: Fernie Alpine Resort Disabled Skiers. Or the RADS: Rad Alpine Disabled Skiers. Do you guys have any ideas? I have also been busy with school. Next year I’ll be in grade ten so I have to figure out what courses I’ll be taking next year to make sure I have enough to graduate. On top of that I’ll be taking biology next year to lessen the load for the year after that. I want to become an Occupational Therapist and to get into university I need biology, physics and chemistry. So yes I shall be a busy girl next year! So this summer I’m going to relax as much as I can so I can be prepared for the things to come! The future is looking bright for me!

    Wednesday, 23 February 2011

    Going up the Chair Lift!

    Hey guys! Lots of people have been asking me how the sit ski get's onto the chair lift! Here's a video!

    Ski Bum!

    I'm turning into a ski bum! Everyday that's all I can think about! And I'm always saying to myself "Today would have been a great day for skiing"! And when it snows I'm always thinking about the great powder there would be on the hill! Oh dear! While we're on this subject, on Friday I ordered my sit ski and it should be here sometime next week! And if the program starts fast enough I might be able to ski before the season ends! I'm very excited! I'm hoping to be able to get into the "Griz Days" flea market to raise some more money for the second sit ski! I'll keep you guys posted on that! I'm only a few hundred dollars away! Oh yes thank you to the "Ski Base" for giving me a discount on helmets for the program! Oh and my new nickname on the hill is Mighty Mouse! I love it!

    Yesterday I had to write an essay on "Rousseau's Social Contract". Worst thing I've ever had to do in my life! In his contract he states that people are "inherently good". I laughed hard when I read that! And just to show you how bored I was, I'll post my essay with this post!

    Rousseau’s Social Contract, during the Enlightenment period, was inadequate. Rousseau does not look at everyone’s best interest in his theory. It is difficult to get a unanimous vote and also hard to get every person to  vote as Rousseau suggests. Giving the aristocracies the power to enforce the law is a bad idea because they also may not have everyone’s best interests in mind. Rousseau argues that people are inherently good, but this not reasonable.

    Rousseau’s vision is that every person is going to do the right thing, and consider the best interests of everyone not just oneself. In reality not all decisions can be in everyone’s best interest. Rousseau does not consider individuals and that the common good can still leave out individual needs. There will always be people who are more corrupt than others.

    Rousseau’s plan to leave aristocrats or monarchs to form the government is defective because these people do not earn their title. Many people may feel that aristocracies are hard to trust to make the best decisions because they have all the money and power. They may not think about other people and their needs, and they may not know what the needs are of others who have less than them.

    People are not inherently good. Not everyone can or will make the best decisions. “Human nature is not basically good or we wouldn’t need salvation”(Online notes). Rousseau’s idea that people are good is wrong because the Bible teaches us that we can’t be perfect. The Bible says that even the animals and plants fell when Adam and Eve did. “The ground was cursed, and even vegetation changed” (Genesis 3:17) Rousseau tries to argue that people should return to nature to be good, but nature won’ protect them because nature is also in sin.

    Rousseau’s Social Contract is deficient. It lacks consideration for social realities. Individuals cannot be expected to be perfect and make good decisions for all. Those with power are not likely to consider other peoples needs, and will not be willing to give up their power. People are not inherently good.

    My teacher says that some of his theories are correct but not in his social contract! She says he has great theories for children's education. So there! You got educated in socials today! I hope you didn't fall asleep while reading it. Well I suppose it isn't THAT bad but it is pretty ridiculous!
    Tomorrow I'm going to speak to a class of LPN's about my life! Should be interesting! Well that's about all I have time for! Mighty Mouse signing off......

    Wednesday, 9 February 2011

    Skiing Video

    How They Feel


    So as you probably know I have been sit skiing for a while now and boy do I love it! I finally know how it feels to ski! Never in my life have I felt so free! It almost feels like you're flying! Well technically you are flying, flying down the hill! My friend would come to my house after skiing some days and tell me how it feels to be up there. Well now I know why she loves it so much! I used to hate winter just because I couldn't get outside but this winter I'm actually enjoying it! So yes I am officially a ski-ohaulic!!! Going to Kimberly again next Tuesday!

    My friend Sam is coming in 2 days so I'm excited about that! And I'm putting in the order for my sit ski this week! Should be a great week!

    Thursday, 3 February 2011


    Hey everyone!

    Sorry I haven't written in a while, that's the life of the rich and famous......just kidding! So as the title states I am paranoid because my mother and my brother are sick! I don't want to get it because on the 5th I'll be going to Panorama to ski with Kate! I'd prefer it if I wasn't sick and if mom wasn't sick. So I've been taking all sorts of vitamins and treating Josh like he has some disease...I was all most tempted to disinfect the doorknobs today but decided I was being ridiculous! So please pray that I stay healthy and that mom gets better by Saturday! After I ski with Kate I'm having a friend from Kelowna stay with me for a week! She hasn't seen Fernie and wants to come to see it! She has a 10 hours bus ride though. She's paranoid too so she said she won't sleep on the bus. See what paranoia does to you! Makes you insane! I couldn't blame her though! Buses are creepy and sometimes they have creepy people riding them! When I was riding on the bus in Vancouver a guy sat across from me and talked to me. The only thing was he didn't have his two front teeth so he basically spat at me the whole time! And he kind of looked homeless to me. Now not to bash Vancouver because I love it but I'd be scared to walk around there at night!
    On a happier note I got my "Susie Magazine" today! "Susie Magazine" is this thing for teenage girls. I ordered mine in December and it didn't get here till today! Ok I'd better go but like I said please pray for mom and I!

    Sunday, 23 January 2011

    My thoughts......

    Our dogs name is Jackie……LIKE JACKIE CHAN! I can imagine her having a conversation with her dog friends and saying:
    "My name is Jackie, Jackie Chan"!
    Except it would really come out like this: "Woof woof woof bark"...
    Or I suppose dogs could have conversations with other dogs in their minds. Maybe my dog talks to me in her mind...
    Me: "Jackie go lay down".
    Jackie in her mind: "I don't wanna"! Gives me a look...
    That is if dogs can speak English in their minds....
    So my cats and my dog have stare downs all the time. If we could hear what their saying it would sound like this:
    Jackie goes up to bite kitties tail:
    Cat: "Don't even think about it dog"!
    Dog: "I wonder what you'd look like inside my mouth......I wonder if I'd get caught"....Looks at runs away....
    But while we're on this subject what do my two cats say to each other when they’re fighting? They fight and then stare at each other.
    Queequeg stares at Lou...
    Queequeg: "Don't move or else I'll burn you with my laser vision"....."It will kick in anytime now"......"Anytime now".....
    Lou walks over Queequeg……hmmmm………
    While we’re on this subject (again) I wonder what my cat Lou says to everyone else…
    Josh picks Lou up…
    Lou: “Sir what are you doing? Put me down! I SAY! PUT ME DOWN”!!! Lou tries to struggle, Josh holds him tighter…
    Lou: “Oh what’s the point”...assuming my cat is British.......
    My dog sniffs the floor all the time looking for food…I wonder if they have this scanner thing in their brains…
    Jackie sniffs the floor…
    Scanner inside brain: Not food, not food, not food…FOOD!!! Not food, not food, not food…FOOD!
    So there are some of my thoughts about…..what cats and dogs think…
    I need to get out more……………

    Sunday, 9 January 2011

    Back to Work!

    Well I never thought I'd say this but I'm happy I'm going back to school this week! Over the past week I have been ill with a very terrible illness...cabin fever! Cabin fever comes when you stay inside your house to long and start to go crazy! But I was already crazy so who cares!

    I am working on a new song in piano called "Through the Eyes of Love". It's a very romantic song which puts me in a romantic mood which isn't very good because then I start to cry and could get ugly! Anyway for this song my piano teacher will be accompanying me! I don't usually let her do that so this is good!

    I just recently got a program called "Netflix". It's so you can watch movies for only 8$ a month! I just finished watching "Fiddler on the Roof"! Great movie! The father in that movie reminds me of my dad!

    Just to give you guys an update on my sit ski fundraiser it is going well! I have about 3,700 dollars! So now I'm going to get two sit ski's of two different sizes. This will cost about 6,000 dollars but I believe I can do it!

    Anyway that's about all I have time for!