Thursday, 3 February 2011


Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven't written in a while, that's the life of the rich and famous......just kidding! So as the title states I am paranoid because my mother and my brother are sick! I don't want to get it because on the 5th I'll be going to Panorama to ski with Kate! I'd prefer it if I wasn't sick and if mom wasn't sick. So I've been taking all sorts of vitamins and treating Josh like he has some disease...I was all most tempted to disinfect the doorknobs today but decided I was being ridiculous! So please pray that I stay healthy and that mom gets better by Saturday! After I ski with Kate I'm having a friend from Kelowna stay with me for a week! She hasn't seen Fernie and wants to come to see it! She has a 10 hours bus ride though. She's paranoid too so she said she won't sleep on the bus. See what paranoia does to you! Makes you insane! I couldn't blame her though! Buses are creepy and sometimes they have creepy people riding them! When I was riding on the bus in Vancouver a guy sat across from me and talked to me. The only thing was he didn't have his two front teeth so he basically spat at me the whole time! And he kind of looked homeless to me. Now not to bash Vancouver because I love it but I'd be scared to walk around there at night!
On a happier note I got my "Susie Magazine" today! "Susie Magazine" is this thing for teenage girls. I ordered mine in December and it didn't get here till today! Ok I'd better go but like I said please pray for mom and I!

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  1. Hi Grace,
    Hope you didn't get sick...can't be too careful. Hope you have fun with your friend. I gather she's not creepy?
    You'll have to fill us in on what you did for a week with your pal. It actually DOES sound like lifestyles of the rich and famous...skiing, hanging out with girlfriends, reading magazines. Hmmm. I need to give you more piano homework!
    Love ya!