Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Ski Bum!

I'm turning into a ski bum! Everyday that's all I can think about! And I'm always saying to myself "Today would have been a great day for skiing"! And when it snows I'm always thinking about the great powder there would be on the hill! Oh dear! While we're on this subject, on Friday I ordered my sit ski and it should be here sometime next week! And if the program starts fast enough I might be able to ski before the season ends! I'm very excited! I'm hoping to be able to get into the "Griz Days" flea market to raise some more money for the second sit ski! I'll keep you guys posted on that! I'm only a few hundred dollars away! Oh yes thank you to the "Ski Base" for giving me a discount on helmets for the program! Oh and my new nickname on the hill is Mighty Mouse! I love it!

Yesterday I had to write an essay on "Rousseau's Social Contract". Worst thing I've ever had to do in my life! In his contract he states that people are "inherently good". I laughed hard when I read that! And just to show you how bored I was, I'll post my essay with this post!

Rousseau’s Social Contract, during the Enlightenment period, was inadequate. Rousseau does not look at everyone’s best interest in his theory. It is difficult to get a unanimous vote and also hard to get every person to  vote as Rousseau suggests. Giving the aristocracies the power to enforce the law is a bad idea because they also may not have everyone’s best interests in mind. Rousseau argues that people are inherently good, but this not reasonable.

Rousseau’s vision is that every person is going to do the right thing, and consider the best interests of everyone not just oneself. In reality not all decisions can be in everyone’s best interest. Rousseau does not consider individuals and that the common good can still leave out individual needs. There will always be people who are more corrupt than others.

Rousseau’s plan to leave aristocrats or monarchs to form the government is defective because these people do not earn their title. Many people may feel that aristocracies are hard to trust to make the best decisions because they have all the money and power. They may not think about other people and their needs, and they may not know what the needs are of others who have less than them.

People are not inherently good. Not everyone can or will make the best decisions. “Human nature is not basically good or we wouldn’t need salvation”(Online notes). Rousseau’s idea that people are good is wrong because the Bible teaches us that we can’t be perfect. The Bible says that even the animals and plants fell when Adam and Eve did. “The ground was cursed, and even vegetation changed” (Genesis 3:17) Rousseau tries to argue that people should return to nature to be good, but nature won’ protect them because nature is also in sin.

Rousseau’s Social Contract is deficient. It lacks consideration for social realities. Individuals cannot be expected to be perfect and make good decisions for all. Those with power are not likely to consider other peoples needs, and will not be willing to give up their power. People are not inherently good.

My teacher says that some of his theories are correct but not in his social contract! She says he has great theories for children's education. So there! You got educated in socials today! I hope you didn't fall asleep while reading it. Well I suppose it isn't THAT bad but it is pretty ridiculous!
Tomorrow I'm going to speak to a class of LPN's about my life! Should be interesting! Well that's about all I have time for! Mighty Mouse signing off......

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  1. HeyGrace,
    Good essay. You're right, people are not inherently good. We're inherently greedy and self-centered. Why else do we have to teach children how to share? If they were inherently good, they'd just do it. An oversimplification, but it gets to the heart of the matter.
    I think you should go skiing when the weather warms up. Clear all that hard thinking out of your brain. Make room for new stuff.
    Sylvia Ellias