Sunday, 1 May 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like SRING!

Hey everyone guess what? IT'S SPRING! We went for our very first bike ride of the season today! Oh and I finally got rid of the TV in my bedroom today! It's one of those things were you wake up in the morning and say "I'm going to do it" and then you never do...BUT I DID IT! It's kind of like my blog too, I wake up in the morning determined and then I don't do it! But I did this too!

I finally got to reading my favorite book, "Little Woman" again too! I go through one of these phases about once a month were I'll get the sudden urge to read, plow through a book and then not read again for ages...A bad habit!

I was very sad to put away my sit ski this week. Someone said I should travel to Alaska where I can ski to my hearts content. A week ago I could have skied in my back yard...Oh well, as the French say, c'est la vie! Such is life! The snow will always melt in the spring and will always come back in the winter. If there is one thing we can be sure of it's that the snow will always come back in the winter...I think I'd like to move to Australia were the seasons are totally different from us! At least I have something to look forward to next year though! Winter won't be a black hole that I get sucked into every year!

After months and months of waiting I finally got to see "The Kings Speech" and let me tell you, "My Girl" has been bumped out of first place on my movie list and has been replaced by "The Kings Speech"! An amazing movie which definitely deserved the oscar! I'm just glad it beat "The Social Network". No offense to Facebook intended!

Any who I wanted to bring back some old memories and re-post my new years resolutions which I have not completed since I think number one is impossible! Here are my new years resolutions:

1. Some day I will marry Ben Barnes or Stewart Finlay-Mclennan.

  • Steal the time machine from “Back to the Future” and marry Stewart Finlay-Mclennan when he was young.

  • Some day make a flying wheelchair so I can fly around and get to places much faster.

  • Invent a wheelchair that has ski’s on the bottom instead of wheels SO I CAN GO OUT IN THE WINTER AND NOT BE A CAVEMAN!!

  • Become a disabled soccer player and whip the butt off regular soccer players.

  • Become an opera singer so I can break glass just by singing a high note!

  • Build a wheelchair accessible tree house so I can hide!

  • Change my name to ook……

  • Learn how to speak Cockney so I can go to London, get Professor Higgins (“My Fair Lady”) to teach me how to be a lady and then go to a ball and dance with a Prince.

  • Become an animated character and play Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” so I can break the spell and kiss the hot Prince!

  • Become an astronaut…

  • Defy gravity!

  • Become a hog (for all you camp winfielders)!

  • Get “Who’s line is it anyway” back on TV and become the host!

  • Make Justin Bieber mysteriously fall off a cliff…

  • Stop super models from getting so thin!

  • Become a caveman or a cavewoman!

  • Become a flying purple people eater…

  • Destroy forwards…

  • Make camp Winfield all year long!

  • Become a fairy god mother and make Miley Cyruses voice disappear…

  • Make a candy called the zinga zinga bar that makes you go zook!

  • Make ninga an actual word for my sister!

  • Make a store that is called Grace is Awesome that has silly crap in it!

  • Make Invermere and Kelowna 5 minutes away from here so I can visit Sam and Kate everyday.

  • Live with the Brady Bunch.  

  • Make the “Easy Button” a national button!

  • Create a purple rose and name it “The Sam, Kate and Grace rose”.

  • Make “Hog day” a national holiday.

  • Change “Duct Tape” to “Duck Tape”.  

  • I'd like to thank all my viewers for reading my ranting.........     


    1 comment:

    1. Hi Grace,
      Girl, you are too funny! You showed way more initiative in creating a new year's resolution list than most people make in keeping one single resolution. So for that, and your imagination, you are to be commended. I'm inspired to start my list for 2012 with a list of guys who will never consider marrying me. (just so you know, it doesn't exactly go away when you get older. Or even really quite old, like me :)
      Yeah, I was really sad to put away the cross-country skis, too. Especially considering how many times I got out on them ( 0 ) and that they're all nicely waxed.
      So now you can go through your 'summer phase' (that's phase, not faze, kiddo. Coming from a provincial spelling champ...) and we can expect to see you breaking all the traffic rules in your chair.
      If you do get the flying wheelchair, can I tag along for a ride? I would so love that :)
      Love and spring joy to you! Keep up the blogging, praying, rally-driving and keep working on those resolutions. Dreams might be a better word. Dreams are way, way better :)
      Sylvia Elias