Friday, 17 June 2011


Hey guys. I won't be able to write on here very much any more. I'm having problems typing due to my back. I'll try when I can but it won't be often. Sorry! Please keep me in your prayers! <3 Thank you!


  1. Hi Grace, I'm 18 years old and a student at Indiana University. A friend of mine recently became quadriplegic and wheelchair-bound in a diving accident. Seeing your blog posts and videos has really helped me try to understand what my friend is going through but also given me hope for his progress. You are such a fun, accomplished, intelligent young woman, and I am so hopeful for my friend's future because I see all the amazing things disabled people do every day. Thank you for everything! You are in my prayers!

    1. Sarah I also think I know that that boy.I'm pretty sure it's jay I could be wrong

  2. Hi! Sorry to hear you're having trouble typing. I hope everything is ok. I just happened to come across your page here but seems I'm a bit late lol. Hope all is going well.

  3. I'm back! I'm trying to post a blog at least once a week!

  4. Grace just like Sarah uptop my teacher knows a boy name jay that is now in a wheel chair from a diving accident we will keep you and jay in our prayers