Sunday, 16 October 2011


Please pray for this little girl! 

Avery is a gorgeous 4 year old girl who has AMC (my condition) and was just diagnosed with Alvelar rhabdomyosarcoma stage 4, she has an inoperable tumor in her stomach and it has already spread to her lungs. Prognosis 20% survival rate. She will be undergoing a year of very aggressive chemotherapy. Please pray for Miss Avery and her family!

Monday, 3 October 2011


It is times like these where I need to give myself some advice…. GRACE SLOW DOWN AND TAKE A CHILL PILL! I am feeling extremely run down, which is partly my fault for staying up late three nights in a row! Stupid, stupid, stupid! So instead of doing school (the advantage of home school) I am going to take a “chill day”. I believe that everyone should take a “chill day” at least once a month if not more! A time where you can stay in your pj’s and snuggle up with your favorite book! I might not be in my pj’s but I am certainly snuggling up with a book (not quite sure if it’s my favorite yet). Maybe snuggle up with some knitting as well! Have you ever felt like knitting has a season? I feel as though I never knit in the spring or summer but always knit in the fall and winter! I suppose it’s because it’s so cold outside and you can’t do anything else so you knit! I am a multi-tasker and like to knit while watching tv! I will never be like my sister though who can watch tv without looking down at her knitting! I have to look at my knitting constantly so technically I’m not watching tv I’m listening! But yes I shall be knitting today, I shall be reading and whether I like it or not, winter is coming! From a very tired Grace, so long!