Monday, 7 November 2011

God's hand on our lives!

On Friday God did something amazing for us, which really showed that He had His hand on our lives. My youth group and I were heading over to Vulcan for a youth convention on Friday. My mom, two friends of mine and I were in our van and my youth group were in a bus. We drove to Coleman and then stopped at the “Husky” to get some gas. The man that came over to help us asked where we were going and we told him. We told him we were going to take highway 22 to Vulcan. Right away he told us not to take highway 22 and to take highway 2 instead. He said highway 22’s roads conditions were really bad and dangerous. So we took his advice and took highway 2. When we got back from the convention my dad told us that there were 65 accidents that happened on the way to Vulcan. We thanked God immediately knowing that one of those accidents could have been us. You never realize how much God has His hand on our lives until you experience something like that. 

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  1. Hi Grace,
    That is an amazing story! I bet there are dozens, if not hundreds, of times that God does something like that for each of us, and we aren't even remotely aware of it. And He does it, just because He loves us! Praise to God for this, and thanks to you for sharing it.