Tuesday, 28 August 2012

No Coverage...

Hi everyone! I know it's been a while. I've been having an amazing summer but a busy summer. I just returned from Camp Winfield last week which was a blast as usual! I have a link at the bottom of a video of pictures I put together.


Before going to camp I finalized the paperwork for my society which means that I am the president of FIRE! We are having our first society meeting next week! We've got big plans and will hopefully have the sit ski program running by January. This adds to the responsibilities as I am going to run the program when it starts. This entails making phone calls, planning schedules and making sure every sit skier has an instructor, as well as finding a place to store the sit ski's and a place where everyone can meet, gear up and then get to the chair lift. Starting a sit ski program from scratch is not an easy task! I must now conduct myself in a business like manner because...I have now entered the world of business!!! I'm just hoping I'll be able to do it all and keep up with school at the same time while maintaining my ever dwindling sanity!!!

In other news, I went to the dentist the other day and...a tooth pulling and braces are in my future... Although I'm not too happy about the tooth pulling part, my only consolation is the fact that I am getting plastic, invisible braces instead of the metal ones. No metal mouth for me...I like plastic... So in September I am getting X-rays and molds done of my teeth. This whole process will take an hour and a half...an hour and a half in the dentists? YIKES!

Just as a side note, I am still desperately trying to get rid of my acne as the "amazing" Proactiv ended up burning my face, in so much that I could peel strips of dead skin off my face and I looked like I had leprosy for about a week! Now that my face is generally normal again I am now trying this stuff called "Skincerity". Not sure how I feel about it yet, but I've only been using it for about four days... It smells really nice but the only thing I don't like about it is that it's sort of a clear mask, so every time I put it on it kind of freezes my face, and if I stretch my face in any way it peels off! Because of this I have to talk through my teeth when I have it on! It's funny too because in the morning I look like I have leprosy again because it starts to come off in the night! I am also taking Evening Primrose Oil which is supposed to help with acne as well. I have named them my "godzilla pills" because they're huge and are hard to swallow! Oh the struggles us teens must endure to look "normal"... If you have any suggestions of anything else I could try let me know!

Anyway there's an update on my crazy life, but the main purpose of this blog was to talk about something that has quite upset me. I was looking on the CTV website to see what channel the Paralympics would be on, and was shocked to find that CTV wasn't covering the Paralympics! CTV did a huge thing on the Olympics but as soon as the Paralympics come, it's like no one cares! Not only should the Paralympics receive just as much coverage as the Olympics, in my opinion the Paralympics should be before the Olympics. After the Olympics are done there isn't as much energy and excitement left in the crowds for the Paralympics, everything starts to calm down. No matter what way you look at it, the Paralympics are not made out to be as big as the Olympics, which is not right! We need to be recognizing the fact that each Paralympian overcame their disability and worked extremely hard to do it. That's what our government needs to see, and if they would just realize how incredible this is, then maybe the Paralympics would be a bigger event. Each athletes story is different, but one thing links them together, the drive and belief that they CAN beat the odds, that they CAN do the impossible. In a world that says they can't, they are. Isn't that amazing? I admire and look up to every single athlete, and so should everyone else. Their journey isn't easy, but it's not how you start the race, it's how you finish it. So I encourage all of you to try and watch the Paralympics and to recognize how amazing it really is. I hope it encourages you to be fearless, because if they can do that, then you can do anything! No excuses, no limits!            

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  1. Hi Grace,
    Wowee! You have so much going on, it's scary. Makes me mad at the (non-physically challenged) people who sit on their butts and watch TV all the time .. there's an idea for a blog.

    Business world is exciting, and yes, it requires the kind of self-presentation that takes some time to develop. You've always presented yourself well, Miss Brulotte; I think this will not be a total stretch for you at all.

    As for the acne, can't help you there. Sorry, I had not much beyond a few zits as a teen, and back then, it was 'suck it up' because there weren't acne meds or anything (yes, I am old). I know it's awful, but I can only promise you these two things: 1, it will pass; and 2, it won't be important in any case in a few years' time. And for the record, I suppose I'd rather look like I have acne than look like I have leprosy! There you go. It's like trying to hide a fat roll on the belly (which you do not have, so quit your complaining!) It can't be done. It's there. So now I just shut up and have a fat roll :)

    I'm really quite disgusted, though, about the failure to cover the paralympics. I don't have TV and so I can't say that I watched really any coverage, but that makes me angry. Considering how much a para-athlete has to overcome, considering their accomplishment is at the very least equal to an able-bodied athlete, it's pretty disheartening. As ex-media, I can just say, that's the media. They feed people what they think is worthwhile. Which explains the Bible's warnings, eons before mass media, that tells us not to be of this world. Which means not buying in to what is being sold to us via the gazillion media purveyors, which now include these screens too. Your option is to craft an excellent letter and tell them how you feel about this. You never know...

    And the braces -- yup, no plastic invisible ones when I had them. Consider yourself lucky about that particular reality. And the braces, like the acne, will pass into your history. Worth it! They'll probably be cute on you anyways, you tend to be able to pull off a lot of looks that many of us just ... couldn't!

    You rock, girl. Be busy and be happy. Can't wait to see you again soon