Saturday, 8 September 2012

I'm letting go...

Hey everyone! Just thought I'd post something before I go to bed...getting to bed a little earlier tonight! Not only have I been getting to bed earlier but I've been waking up earlier too! Trying to get myself back into the school routine! I have about a week and a half before I go back to school, I'm just trying to prepare myself! I had a bit of a tough year last year, it was almost too stressful for me. I felt as though I had a giant weight on my shoulders that would not go away no matter what I did. I don't want that happening this year, but you know what I realized? I had no relief from the stress because I was trying to do something about it. Instead of giving it over to God and letting him take care of it, I was trying to be super woman and do it myself! You know what that does? It puts even more stress on yourself! Sometimes I think I can take on the world and do everything myself, I can deal with the stress and the pain all by myself! Then what's God there for? All last year he was just waiting for me to give it over to Him, to take my hands off the wheel and say, "you drive". But I don't want to give Him full control, I'll  give Him control over some stuff, but not everything! Why do I do this? Because I want MY life to go exactly as I plan, because I think I know best! But in reality, God is the one that made me, so shouldn't He know what's best for me, His own creation? God has this perfect plan for me, He had it all planned out, but you see, I come in and because I think I know best or I let my emotions get in the way, I stray off that plan, that path. And what ends up happening? I get to walk the long way around, the hard, rocky, bumpy long way around. I didn't have to choose that way, God was showing me the right way, but I let MYSELF get in the way. I have no one to blame but myself. So instead of trying to be super woman this year, which CLEARLY didn't work out, I'm going to ask God, "what do you want me to do this year?" or, "God, I'm stressed about this, could you help me?". I'm not always going to do everything right, but at least by doing it that way, I know I'm off to a pretty good start! So I encourage you to ask God what HE wants to happen in your life. As the song says, you just gotta throw your hands up in the air and say, "JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL"! Trust me, in the long run, things will go better that way! You never know what will happen!      


  1. Hi Grace,
    Looks like we had the exact same experience. I'm glad you're able to recognize it because it will be easier now, that's for sure. I had something happen this summer that brought me back on my knees, which in the end was amazing and powerful because it reminded me of my total dependence on God. I praise the Holy Spirit for not turning me over to my self, but instead, using something not so wonderful to draw me back to my Creator.
    Self is not all it's cracked up to be in today's media. If 'self help' really worked, why do they churn out hundreds and hundreds of new titles of 'self help' books? If it really worked, people wouldn't have to keep buying new ideas to try and fix themselves.
    Because we can't. We just can't. And the first step to true peace is recognizing that.
    You're so smart; you have it figured out at 16. Took me 30 years longer :)
    Love to you!

  2. Hi, Grace! I just wanted to tell you how appreciative I am that you are here to encourage all of us with your relationship with God! I always want to provide words that will lift broken-hearted or doubtful individuals, as the Spirit of the Lord gives to me, and you are so instrumental in being used by God, regardless to the situation we all face in our lives.

    I also would like to post this article on my blog as a testament of God's goodness, letting everyone know just how much He loves us, no matter what we look like, where we've been, or what we've gone through. He is the ONLY One who is able to truly be our Source, The Sovereign God, who is able to keep us from falling, and present us faultless!

    May the blessings of God continue to resonate through you in everything you do and say, as He leads you through victory! :)