Sunday, 2 September 2012

Moonlight blogger...

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that you can watch the Paralympics live and archived on Youtube by typing paralympicsporttv into the search box! I encourage you to watch it! It will definitely inspire you!

Anyway, school is starting and with it comes a lot of new things and new adventures! New teacher, new grade and new courses! I'm quite excited for this school year! I am taking Biology, Math, French, Christian Studies, English, Social Studies, Graduation Planning, Foods and my favorite, Writing Fiction! The Writing Fiction course will be critiqued by an actual author! I'm not really used to writing fiction but I'm hoping it will push me out of my comfort zone and make me a better writer by the end of it. I am the least excited about French but I need it to get into University, so I will deal with it! I'm quite happy that I am just taking Biology because, to tell you the truth, I stink at Chemistry and Physics! I love Biology and am pretty good at it, not to toot my own horn! But whenever it involves math, my brain has a little "freak out" and shuts down...I am most definitely more right brained than left! Which is why I am so excited to take English this year! I always love the section where I get to pick my own novel to study! This English class has a new excited twist...I get to pick my own Shakespeare novel! If there is an "easier" Shakespeare novel....I'll pick that one! Any suggestions!?

I get to return to my beloved Vancouver this October as well! I have to get a new seating system for my  wheelchair which is always a "joy"! Here's a basic run down of the process: Go to "Sunnyhill" (the hospital I see my OT in) and wait for my OT to appear. Get assessed by a guy I don't even know for the back of my seating system. This entails being poked and moved around and looked at, still all by a guy that I just met. Get out of my seat and into another seat to make the moldes for the back. Get back into my seat. Go to the "Ability Store" in New Westminster to have the bottom of the seat made. Poked and moved again. The old bottom of the seat is replaced with a new bottom and......done! It's not all fun and games, actually it's quite exhausting and it definitely tries my patience! Nevertheless it must be done! So there's a glimpse into that wonderful experience! Glad it's me and not you, eh!?

So anyway, I am just sitting at the table, looking at the moon, and thinking to myself, what a wonderful world....Goodnight!        

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  1. Grace,
    You mad blogger! Writing is like that, isn't it? At times you're super-inspired and can write and write and write. Other times ... not so much.
    Adventures await! Too bad the seating thing is such a drag, but yes, must be done. All those people poking around sounds ... um, not fun. However, as with many things in life, the outcome is often worth the effort. So hopefully it will make you more comfortable in the long run. Hey, how about asking the guy you've never met a bunch of personal questions? Then you'll feel like you know him ! HA!

    I'm looking at the moon too, just a few hours after you were, but I'm a morning sparrow, not a night owl like you :) It IS beautiful, and yes, sometimes it all seems sooo good. Have to remember these times, hey? And Moses reminds us, 'teach us to number our days, o Lord, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.' (see if you can find where that came from .. without using Google Bible search!)

    As for Shakespeare, just pick the work whose storyline most appeals to you! It's fascinating to explore older works. Yes, it's English, but ... with a definite twist.
    If you get to pick some other works, one author you'd like maybe is Edith Wharton. Early 20th century American writer. She writes a lot about the emerging wealthy American class, and though she is part of it by birth, she has a very sharp pen and turns it on her peers. She is brilliant. The House of Mirth and The Custom of the Country are excellent.

    And now that school's about to start, you need to get to bed earlier, miss. No more 10:30 postings!
    Talk to you soon