Monday, 10 September 2012

Tis a dark and stormy day...

Hello everyone! Well as the title says, tis a dark and stormy day! I like these days once and a while as they end up being my relaxation days, which is precisely what I'm doing right now. Listening to my "calming" music as I like to call it, and writing in my blog! The perfect combination!

Anyway, for this blog I'd like to talk about my goals for this year. Now I know that technically I'm supposed to do this on a new year, but I suppose that a new school year is basically the same thing...

Goal number 1~ Get into a better relationship with God: As I mentioned in my last blog, I sort of slipped out of my relationship with God because of how stressful school was and everything. I plan on getting back into The Word, talking to God and maybe even leading someone to the Lord! I want to be lead by the Spirit and always be listening for Him.

Goal number 2~ Try and get off the computer: I find myself on the computer probably a lot more than I should be and I want to put a stop to that! I am going to do this by reading, writing, drawing, getting out more often even if it means getting a little wet and spending a lot more time with my family and friends. Hopefully that will keep me away from it! Get behind me satan computer!!!

Goal number 3~ Try not to be so uptight: I want to live my life without getting annoyed with the little things! What's wrong with getting caught in the rain? It's just water! What's wrong with having messy hair and no make-up? It's better to show the real me instead of worrying about what other people say or think! What's wrong with being goofy and random? Nothing at all, those are the moments you remember! What's wrong with being last minute and late instead of always on time and scheduled? It teaches you how to live the true life!

Goal number 4~ Take better care of myself: With all that being said, I do plan on taking better care of my face, hair, teeth and body in general! I plan on knowing my limits, and realizing that it's ok to say no!

Goal number 5~ Finish reading "The Hobbit" before Christmas: My siblings told me that I had to read "The Hobbit" and finish it before Christmas so we can go to the theatre to watch the movie together when it comes out! I did start it, but I neglected it for a while! I'm going to get back on it!

Goal number 6~ Get a job: I have decided that I want to get a job as to build up some income for University! These are the things I have to think about now that I'm in grade 11! Any suggestions?

Goal number 7~ Survive getting braces: Enough said........

So those are the goals I want to try, and I said try, accomplishing by the end of this year! Wish me luck!

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  1. Hey Grace,
    Well, one thing you don't have to add to your list: get smarter!
    You are wise to set goals, and to realistically work toward them. Recognize that we don't change things overnight. But I know you'll meet these goals, and you know why I know that?
    Because of your first goal. With God, all things are possible, because if you seek first His kingdom, all the others will be added unto you. And really, if you meet the first goal, you've met the one that will define how you feel about approaching the others.
    Happy goal-meeting! Prayers today for your success in His care!